Rhoades & Erickson PLLC is a litigation-focused law firm based in Missoula, Montana.


We work towards achieving a desirable and just result for clients as quickly and inexpensively as possible considering all available methods of dispute resolution.


We communicate regularly with clients and inform them of all developments. We respond promptly and courteously to their telephone calls, emails and letters.


We discuss a timetable for handling the case, estimate fees and costs, and provide clients with a realistic evaluation of the potential outcome.


We diligently represent clients and give them objective and independent advice.


We avoid using tactics that intentionally delay a case, harass or abuse another party or drain a party’s financial resources.


We act in a civil and courteous manner at all times.


While we recognize that disagreements between parties may cause harsh feelings, we will act with compassion and never with personal attacks on other parties, their lawyers, or the court.


We consider our clients’ time to be as valuable as our own and do not keep them waiting for appointments.

We are loyal to clients’ confidences and secrets.

We will serve our community and our profession and will dedicate ourselves to the highest ideals of the profession not only for the benefit of the public but also for the enrichment of the system of justice.


We will remember a dispute is between the parties and not between the attorneys, and that effective representation does not require antagonistic behavior.


We will never intentionally mislead another attorney.


We will practice law so that we need few favors from opposing counsel, but we will practice law so that when we need a favor, opposing counsel will not refuse us.


We will be civil and prompt in all communications and will return telephone calls and respond to letters in a timely manner.


We will not quarrel over matters of form or style, but will concentrate on matters of substance.


We will refrain from making and will not tolerate derogatory comments or personal attacks upon other attorneys, their clients, or the judiciary.


We will contact opposing counsel before scheduling hearings or noticing depositions. We will cooperate with opposing counsel in responding to all reasonable requests for scheduling accommodations, for extensions of time, and waiver of procedural formalities.


We will prepare documents accurately, reflecting the agreement of the parties, and will observe all understandings and adhere to all agreements with other attorneys.


We will not practice by default or by taking advantage of opposing counsel on technicalities. Unless it is necessary for protection of our client’s case and is fully justified by the circumstances, we will not seek sanctions or disqualification of opposing counsel.

We act on the core values of Montana lawyers. In addition to serving the community in our practice, we also sponsor and support these valued local organizations.